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Johnston Sweepers has been manufacturing road sweepers in Dorking, Surrey for more than 75 years, and today is one of the world market leaders in street cleansing vehicles, British designed and built. Johnston exports over 70% of its sweeper production to more than 80 countries worldwide, helping to keep city streets clean from London, Dublin, Paris and Milan to New York, Moscow, Melbourne and Bangkok.
The company produces the most comprehensive range of road sweepers and sweeping equipment for a diverse range of applications and the toughest cleansing challenges, designed for ease of use, outstanding performance and lowest cost of ownership.

Sub Compact City Sweeper

The Johnston CN101 one cubic metre single seat sweeper, designed to clean crowded places and confined spaces in city centre environments.

The C201 Compact Sweeper

The Compact Range of sweepers is designed for cleaning in crowded city centres and narrow town streets. Ergonomically designed with powerful suction and a four-wheel steer option giving a class beating turning circle of 3760mm kerb-to-kerb, the C201 is ideal for cleansing in busy and crowded city environments.

Medium Sized 7.5T Sweepers

A Johnston C401 mid-sized sweeper at 7.5T designed to give the best of both worlds. Manoeuvrable with compact dimensions combined with the heavy duty suction performance of a truck mounted sweeper.

Truck mounted Sweepers (12T - 18T Chassis)

Designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding municipal and contractor applications, the Johnston V Range truck mounted sweepers give prolonged durable and reliable service.

Ask your Johnston representatives about our cost saving Option Packs designed for specific working environments:

The VT Eco Pack

containing a range of options to give the lowest environmental impact whilst improving the built environment.

The Productivity Pack

comprising a range of options to provide increased working time and productivity.

The Contractors Pack

provides heavy duty options for extreme working conditions, designed to last longer and save on the cost of consumables.